Pete Damiano

Mark Fiagle

Our Story

We are an Iowa City-based blues, rockabilly and rock'n blues band that plays what we call "Music with a Mission". Most of our gigs support local non-profits, who are doing their best to provide for the less fortunate in our community.

The band members include:

Pete Damiano (Lead vocal, harmonica and song writer) is the organizer of the band by night and a professor at the University of Iowa by day. He has been having a blast with the band for the past 8 years. Originally Pete got the band together after participating in Jon Gindicks's Harmonica Jam Camp in Clarksdale MS in the spring of 2014. He feels very fortunate to be able to play with such a talented group of community minded musicians who are willing to use music as an avenue to give back to the community via the benefit concerts for worthwhile organizations.

Mark Fiagle (Sousaphone, baritone sax, vocals). Mark is enjoying a musical renaissance-he was a music major in college but never used his musical talents until joining HomeBrewed. He has spent his life around instruments-repairing them for West Music. Now he has gotten a change to showcase his talents publicly, playing sousaphone, bari sax and sharing his vocal skills--and having a great time!

Jon Carlson (keyboards) is a professor at the University of Iowa. After 50 years away from playing in a band, Jon is thrilled to be a part of Homebrewed, renewing old keyboard skills and, especially, developing new ones.

Bryce Bernard (guitar) is a Coca Cola merchandiser and a classically trained clarinet player who also dabbles on the saxophone. In addition to playing with HomeBrewed, Bryce is the lead guitarist in Iowa City based hard rock/metal band NonGrata.

Joel Carver has been an active musician in the Iowa City area for over a decade, playing in various bands across the area, most notably as one of the guitarists in the alternative metal band NonGrata. While he’s more known as a guitarist these days, he still maintains that drums are his home, and is beyond excited to be behind the kit again…even if that means playing with Bryce :)

Shaan Desai (tenor sax) is a Cedar Rapids dentist from Primghar, Iowa who played saxophone in his college jazz band, winning accolades at the state competition. His favorite saxophonist is Phil Woods and his favorite sports are golf and ping pong.

Kirk Phillips (Trumpet) has 50 years of experience playing the horn. Kirk has been a collaborator with many church choirs over his lifetime. By day he is a health care IT expert.

Gunbir Sehmbey is a student at the University of Iowa studying to become a software engineer. He has been playing guitar for the last 13 years and dabbles in singing occasionally. Learning a lot from playing with Homebrewed, he is also a member of a hip-hop group, TCM Optic, where he uses skills from both groups to expand his music knowledge!

Tristan Verghese is one of the bands newest guitarists and a student at Uiowa's College of Law. Prior to beginning law school, Tristan played on several national tours with his previous band, The BRKN, and was lucky enough to play at iconic venues such as The Roxy and Whiskey a Go Go. At the heart of Tristan's musical identity lies a rich connection to country music, which shaped his upbringing  in the border city of El Paso, TX.

Geb Thomas (keyboard/bass) has been a gigging bassist for over 10 years, and plays for local theater and other community-oriented events (when he's not being a professor in the College of Engineering). He has taken on the relatively new role of keyboardist, opening a bass slot for his grad student Oliver Stroh (what a mentor).